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All titles offered on this website, to best of our knowledge, are believed to be in the public domain, or were obtained from foreign sources that were never originally released in the United States. The section of American copyright law known as "The Berne Act" clearly states: films unreleased in the United States, including original version of films altered and/or edited for release in the United States, are not protected by American copyright; thus, they are considered public domain. Please inform us of any errors concerning this matter and those titles in question will be removed immediately. All titles are offered from one collector to another, for personal use only, with no rights given or implied.

Also, please note that from time to time we acquire upgraded copies of certain titles, either with better overall picture/sound quality, original aspect ratios or with added English subtitles. If you discover that a title you have previously ordered has been upgraded, please contact us ( and we will gladly ship you a free copy of the upgraded version.


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