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The face of underground film exchange is changing fast. Increasing online globalization, advancing digital file technology, torrent files, community tracker sites, message board forums, MegaUpload, faster internet speeds, bigger hard drives and more have all made possible an ever easier P2P media revolution. The old necessity of manually striking 1:1 physical copies of media and securing their actual real world transport across physical space and into material fleshy hands is now obsolete. One uploaded digital file can replicate itself infinitely and freely and feed all who want a copy; like the loaves of bread and fish in the bottomless basket. And as the technology has arisen, so too has the communication between subcultures. Obscure information and knowledge is now shared easily and rare acquisitions made available to all. Through subculture solidarity and the combined efforts of its individuals, online databases and hubs of media exchange have sprung up that have no rival in the flexibility of range and scope of title selection. The point is, you can now find online and download yourself for free almost anything you want; a cinephile’s utopia come to pass! But this being the case, I cannot in good conscience continue to sell for profit copies of things I had no part in their creation of without first passing along the information about places where one can find for free themselves most of the titles in our catalog. And here they are:

AsianDVDClub --> An amazing selection of hard-to-get Asian films and TV shows in either HQ video rips or Full DVD uploads of expensive import discs (often with custom English subs attached!). Membership is non-exclusive and it's easy to sign-up.

Cinemageddon --> One of the best cinephile torrent tracker communities out there. Your mind will be deep-fried and shell-shocked by all the super obscure wild and weird rarities you can find here! HQ rips of VHS dubs and TV records as well as Full import DVD uploads abound. Membership sign-up is non-exclusive and dosen't require an invitation, but you do have to wait until an open account slot is freed up. Keep trying to register a few times a day, usually in the mornings and evenings, and you will eventually get in.

Internet Archive - Moving Images
Internet Archive - Moving Images --> The Internet Archive is a non-profit online database project housing public domain mixed media content in freely accessible high quality digital formats. The Moving Images section houses all the video and film media. This is an amazing source for finding all kinds of obscure and fascinating vintage ephemera, such as; public information spots, educational films, advertising and industrial pieces, cartoons, commercials, experimental short films and even full length features that are in the public domain.

Karagarga --> KG is another cinephile bitorrent tracker community with loads of stuff. Unlike Cinemageddon however, KG is "invitation only". So if you can find your way onto the guest list of this elitist, gated-community it might be worth your while. I wouldn't sweat it if you can't though, because Cinemageddon has pretty much all of the same stuff and any rarity that pops up on one usually finds its way to the other.

Kick Ass Torrents
Kick Ass Torrents --> For all your mainstream torrent needs (you didn't hear it from us though).

Tokusatsu + Kaiju
If you love Japanese rubber-suit monster movies and kid's live-action fantasy TV shows like I do then check inside here for a list of places to find a toybox full of goodies.......

Warner Brothers Archive Collection
Warner Brothers Archive Collection --> Ok, so these suckers aren't free! They are however the reason why I have taken many titles off the site. So, if you don't already know about WB's pressed-on-demand internet-only DVDR releases, then check them out. They are a bit pricey, but you can at last get good quality copies of long-time cult favorites from the WB library (including the pre-1986 MGM catalog via Turner Entertainment), such as; "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark", "Bad Ronald", "Dreamchild", "Flight Of The Dragons", "From Hell It Came", "Brewster McCloud" and many more.......


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