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Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral (1988)

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"Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral" ("Super Xuxa Vs. The Down Mood" or "Super Xuxa Vs. Satan") (1988) (Anna Penido & David Sonnenschein)

A box office hit in Brazil, this goofy, fun, budget-strapped creature populated musical fantasy (which is partly a direct, poor-man’s knock-off of Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH (released 2 years previous)) stars Xuxa Meneghel, a Brazilian children’s TV show host and pop star turned actress, who plays a fictional incarnation of herself. In the film, Xuxa (who might as well be playing professional football in those shoulder pads!) campaigns all over Brazil and on television for children to get outside and paint old, ugly public walls colorful, in an effort to make the world a little happier. But in doing so she exacts the distaste of Baixo Astral; an evil demon that lives underneath Rio de Janeiro and uses bad children as slaves. To spoil Xuxa’s plans, Baixo Astral kidnaps Xuxa's dog, Xuxo (a puppet), forcing her to enter a magical world, meet fantasy creatures, sing and dance, find her way to the evil leader’s underground headquarters and rescue her baby brother…ugghh…I mean dog. Sound familiar? There’s even a giant entrance wall and talking puppet worm inside it!!! Of course any friend of LABYRINTH is a friend of ours here at A?NS! Good fun silly stuffs. SUPER XUXA is visually neat-o, nostalgically 80’s and goofy to the core.

TITULAR FOOTNOTE: Known in English speaking cult film circles under the suspiciously sensational, dubiously translated title; SUPER XUXA VS. SATAN, but I for one prefer the far stranger and more sophisticated; SUPER XUXA VS. THE DOWN MOOD. But perhaps best of all is simply the raw Brazilian title; SUPER XUXA CONTRA O BAIXO ASTRAL, which itself seems to wanna self-translate in your Latin latent head as SUPER XUXA VS SOME COSMIC EVIL…or something like that.

1988 / 81mins. / Portuguese w/ English Subtitles / Color / Brazil

Picture Quality: A- (Source: DVD)



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