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Christmas Kid, The (1967)

Christmas Kid, The (1967)

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"The Christmas Kid" (1967) (Sidney W. Pink)

An obscure Christ parable-like Spaghetti western starring Jeffrey Hunter (an actor most well known for playing Christ in “King Of Kings” (1961)) and directed by Sidney W. Pink (“The Angry Red Planet” (1960), “Journey To The Seventh Planet” (1962), "Reptilicus (1961)). The film follows Joe Novak (Jeffrey Hunter), a misunderstood young man whose mother died giving birth to him on a lonely Christmas night in a makeshift shelter. From there we see his troubled teen years as an angry, yet non-violent, youth which culminate in a job as a hired gun and his later about-turn as an adult gunfighter. Along the way, he is tested in New Testament fashion by a prostitute, the promise of riches, and by an ersatz Satan (in the form of profiteer Louis Hayward). The Biblical analogies don't end there. His birth is visited by three wayfarers from the neighboring town who are following a light from the ramshackle "manger", and there appears to be a possible "crucifixion" Western-style, set for Joe's future.

1967 / 85mins. / English Language / Color / Spain, USA

Picture Quality: B+ (Source: VHS)



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