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Galaxy Adventures Of Space Oz, The (1990)

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"The Galaxy Adventures Of Space Oz" (aka The Wonderful Galaxy Of Oz) (SupÍsu Ozu no bŰken) (1990) (Soji Yoshikawa)

When a rare tri-solar eclipse causes mass storms to break out on the colony planet of "New Kansas" in the year 2060, an little girl named Dorothy, her dog Toto and their C3PO-like robot farmhand seek temporary shelter in an old rocketship. But while in orbit riding out the storms on the planet's surface below, a black hole appears and pulls them into another galaxy, the galaxy of OZ. A late 80's/early 90's colorful, fun and imaginative sci-fi space fantasy anime reworking of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

This is the English dubbed feature length "movie" version edited down from the 26 Episode Japanese TV series.

1990 / 83mins. / English Dubbed / Color / Japan

Picture Quality: A+ (Source: DVD)



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