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Ugly Swans, The (2006)

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"The Ugly Swans" (Gadkie Lebedi) (2006) (book: the Strugatsky Brothers, d: Konstantin Lopushanksy)

An intense, haunting and richly atmospheric metaphysical sci-fi mystery and deep philosophical confrontation with existential horror. From apocalyptic Russian filmmaker Konstantin Lopushanksy ("Letters From A Dead Man" (1986), "Visitor Of A Museum" (1989)) and based on the sci-fi novel by the Strugatsky Brothers. Visually it's closest to von Trier's THE ELEMENT OF CRIME; monochromed, apocalyptic, abstract and eternally rainy. Comparisons to STALKER are expected, since they are both based on Strugatsky Brothers' novels and because Lopushansky himself worked on STALKER as an assistant director. It's still a very different film though, simply amazing! Highly Recommended.

2006 / 105mins. / Russian with English subtitles / Original Aspect Ratio (1.85:1) / Color / Russia

Picture Quality: A+ (Source: DVD)



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