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Imaginary Voyage, The (1925)

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"The Imaginary Voyage" (Le voyage imaginaire) (1925) (René Clair)

A pretty fun and odd little silent fantasy, from director René Clair's early avant-garde days, with some cool sets, imagery and camera tricks. There's a Forbidden Zone-esq underground inter-dimensional intestinal slide entrance to a secret fairyland kingdom accessed from a forest tree stump, an upside-down room, magical fairies, Puss'N Boots, a man-eating door and even a midnight kangaroo court inside a wax museum when the figures come to life and put our heroes on trial (the original Night At The Museum?), and more. There are some dull bits though, like most of the real-world wraparound bumbling co-worker stuff. Interestingly, one of the evil co-workers actually looks uncannily like Crispin Glover in his Thin Man/Willard slicked-back hair and vintage suit look.

1925 / 80mins. / French with English subtitles / B&W / France

Picture Quality: A (Source: AVI)



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