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Snow White (1955)

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"Snow White" (Schneewittchen Und Die Sieben Zwerge) (1955) (Erich Kobler)

Live-action West German "Schonger Films" kiddie matinee version of the Grimm's fairy tale. English Language "Holiday Storybook" banner version, which adds a U.S. filmed prolog and epilog featuring popular TV celebrity Chuck McCann, who sits in front of a modern fireplace and tells some Long Island brats about the film they are about to see. (McCann was then host of his own, popular children's' TV show on WNEW-TV in New York). In the slightly nihilistic epilog, Chuck tells his kids, "Forget about watching this stuff! Go to the library and read!"

1955 / 76mins. / English Language Version / Color / West Germany

Picture Quality: A (Source: VHS)



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