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Dinosaur Expedition: Team Bornfree (1976) (TV)

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"Dinosaur Expedition: Team Bornfree" (1976) (TV)

Mixed media (live-action miniatures, cel animation, hand-puppets, and stop-motion) Japanese TV show from the 70's made by Tsuburaya Productions. Something like an episode of Speed Racer mixed with a Tyco RC car commercial and footage of stop-motion/hand puppet dinosaurs roaming around a model train forest. And thanks to the handcuffed and haphazard English dubbing, which has to wait out long pauses in-between Japanese fitted cheap and stalled cel animated mouth movements to complete sentences, observations, comments and dialogue, the proceedings take on their own dimension of unintentional bizarre laughs (definitely a ancestral provider to the kind of post-modern animated still frame silent pause rhythm humor so cleverly utilized and jested in "Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law" and the like). This disc is an 82 minute hodgepodge containing several episodes from the show that have been bridged and narrated together so that they could be released/passed-off as a video feature. If you enjoy this, you should also check out; Attack Of The Super Monsters; for another spliced and English dubbed collection of episodes from a similar Tsuburaya Productions 70's TV show (but this time with "Suitmation" monsters in the mix!).

1976 / 82mins. / English Language/ Color / Japan

Picture Quality: A- (Source: VHS)



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