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Kung-Fu Wonder Child (1986)

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"Kung-Fu Wonder Child" (Ling Huan Tong Zi) (1980) (Tso Nam Lee)

After you see the mind-blowing "Magic Of Spell" (1986) you will no doubt hunger for more!!! And although nothing can quite match the brain-ticklingly inspired, visually dazzling, non-stop novelty and jam-packed cinematic toybox of "Magic Of Spell", this film is one of several other wild, wacky and magical martial arts/horror/comedy fantasies made in the Taiwanese film industry around the same period of 80’s/early 90’s and starring the same young actress Lin Hsiao Lan from "Magic Of Spell". Lin Hsiao Lan starred (usually playing a young boy!) in a super cool batch of similarly-themed 80’s/early 90’s Taiwanese magical kung-fu kiddie fantasies (“Child Of Peach” (1984) / "Magic Of Spell" (aka “Child Of Peach II”) (1986) / “Magic Warriors” (1989) / “Twelve Animals” (1991) / and this film). And while KUNG FU WONDER CHILD is not as unique or inspired as the untouchable "Magic Of Spell", with a plot that more resembles the kind of 80’s Asian kung-fu supernatural horror fantasies you’ve seen before (with a main rural town setting, bumbling outsider/underdog heroes, a kung-fu school and evil kung-fu master, hopping vampires, ect.), it still has enough of its own original wild ideas, silly fun and impressively cool magical and manic special effects and physical set-pieces to rank up there with the some of the best of them in the wild Asian kung-fu fantasy cinema cannon. There’s a cool opening theme song, a skeleton creature that turns into a bright yellow wigged ape-faced vampire ghost, a silly musical number, magic trick kung-fu, bamboo rocket launchers, cool old-school laser beams and glowing highlight opticals, a neat-o sequence inside a miniature building with a face-hugger-like creature and giant centipede/worm puppet beast, the ever-popular hopping vampire (this time with two hopping vampire children that follow “daddy”), impressive magical flying wire-work and wild fight choreography, and a climactic final battle sequence that features a cel-animated dragon.

1986 / 91mins. / Mandarin Overdub w/ English subtitles / LBX or Hard Matte(?) / Color / Taiwan + Hong Kong

Picture Quality: A (Source: DVD)



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