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Atomik Circus - Le Retour De James Bataille (2004)

Atomik Circus - Le Retour De James Bataille (2004)

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"Atomik Cirus - La Retour De James Bataille" (aka The Return Of James Battle) (2004) (Ross Dimsey)

Wildly entertaining and amusing genre cocktail that puts equal parts live-action European comic book and loving amalgam appreciation of old genre "B-movies" into the modern stylish European genre cinema microwave. Think Alex de la Iglesia directs a gory, rock 'n' roll War Of The Worlds in a backwoods French swamp-side trailertown...with an ray-gun carring astronaut!! Great stuff!

2004 / 81mins. / French w/English subtitles/ Original Aspect Ratio (2.35:1) / Color / France + Germany + UK

Picture Quality: A+ (Source: DVD)



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