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Frauds (1993)

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"Frauds" (1993) (Stephan Elliot)

Offbeat and underappreciated Australian writer/director Stephen Elliot’s first feature. And like his so-far two other idiosyncratic comedies to follow (“The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert” (1994) and “Welcome To Woop Woop” (1997)) it’s a wild, eccentric, richly-designed, rainbow-colored, stylized weird unpredictable mix, with a strange rhythm all its own. And if you ever just wanted to see a blonde Agent Smith fight Phil Collins in a really cool booby-trapped carnival funhouse mansion, then here’s your chance! Although, I think they all really should of simply called a truce, shaken hands and started selling those great paintings!

Elliot found broad international success and acclaim with his next film; “The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert” (1994), then followed it up with the equally great but far less appreciated “Welcome To Woop Woop” (1997), before finally becoming discouraged enough to take a hiatus from filmmaking after being wrung thru the imagination-less Hollywood marketing system with the misunderstood “Eye Of The Beholder” (1999); which got a shoddy release and terrible reviews, but remains an great and underrated haunting, dark, romantic and melancholy film. For those of interest, Elliot’s career of square-peg films and the obstacles he has run into in the mainstream film business trying to sell them are fascinatingly presented in Lizzy Gardiner’s great hour-long documentary “Killing Priscilla” (2000).

1993 / 90mins. / English Language / Color / Australia

Picture Quality: A (Source: VHS)



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