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Magic Christmas Tree, The (1964)

Magic Christmas Tree, The (1964)

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"The Magic Christmas Tree" (1964) (Richard C. Parish)

An intriguing and fascinating example of mid-60ís American independent cinema, amateur Kiddie Matinee genre exploitation and a realistic home movie-like view of mid-60ís American suburban life. With a fantastical and high-reaching plot involving a witch, a magic ring, a talking Christmas tree, Santa Claus, worldwide disruption and a Giant all within the confines of 60mins, a few front yards, a small town main street and one woods location shoot. The photographic look of the film and overall style (obviously due to a no-budget) is also of particular visual interest, with beautifully strange and askew close-ups cut in to mostly long, stationary/tripod camera set-up takes all bathed in the visual palate of vintage cheap film stock as exposed through make-shift amateur cinematography.

1964 / 60 mins. / English Language / B&W + Color / USA

Picture Quality: B (Source: DVD)



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