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Akuma-Kun (1966) (TV)

Akuma-Kun (1966) (TV)

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"Akuma-Kun" (1966) (TV) (Akira Kajima, Tsuneo Kobayashi, Hajime Sato, Koichi Takemoto, & Minoru Yamada)

Episodes 1-8 (in Japanese only) of this Japanese cult classic B&W live-action kid's horror tokusatsu (SFX) TV show about a young boy with supernatural powers who teams up with a pointy-nosed, tuxedo wearing magic/demon man named Mephisto to battle monsters and ghosts. Since airing for 26 episodes in the 60's the show gained such a cult following in Japan that a direct-to-video movie, animated series and video game were produced in the 80's.

1966 / 8 Episodes; 119mins / Japanese Language Only w/ NO English Subtitles / B&W / Japan

Picture Quality: B (Source: Unknown)



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